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Dr. Komsuoglu has recevied patent US 8,564,144B1

Dr. Komsuoglu has received US patent US 8,564,144B1 titled “Light-Weight Human Generated Electricity” for the contributions in the project with the Lightning Packs LLC. This patent describes a mechanism and a method for producing electric energy from the naturally occurring motion of the human body in motion. An application of this technology is LP’s Load Carrying System (LCS)—a backpack that reduces the physical impact of heavy loads and produce electric energy up to 50W.


Dr. Komsuoglu recevies patent US2011/0320042A1

Dr. Komsuoglu has received patent US2011/0320042A1 for his earlier work in American Android Corp. This work outlines two key technologies developed for a multi-arm manipulator system: a procedure by which video feeds collected from multiple appendage mounted cameras are combined; and a mechanism that provides selectable command frame of reference. The combination of these two methods give rise to a significantly improved user experience and reduce operator fatigue. These methods were demonstrated on MA-UGV platform.