Robolit LLC is an active member of the technology ecosystem. We contribute to a wide spectrum of organizations from key standard committees to knowledge clusters. Our activities both help us better gauge the needs in the field as well as remain up-to-date with state-of-the-art. We also serve as a bridge between these different groups helping them discover solutions through cross pollination of ideas.

The Unified Ecosystem Focused on UGVs for the Security Industry

Robolliance is a forum for technology partners and industry experts in robotics, surveillance and security meant for advancing the understanding and awareness of the Autonomous and Automated Robotics marketplace. Robolit founder and CEO Haldun Komsuoglu serves in this community as an expert sponsor.

ASTM Subcommittee E54.09 on Homeland Security Applications Response Robots

Supported by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and codified by ASTM International the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is developing a comprehensive set of standard test methods and associated performance metrics to quantify key capabilities of emergency response robots. These test methods address responder-defined requirements for robot mobility, manipulation, sensors, energy, communications, operator proficiency, logistics and safety for remotely operated ground, aerial, and aquatic systems. Robolit has been an affiliate of this group since 2009 and an active developing partner since 2012 responsible of mobile manipulation test set.


Disaster rescue is one of the most serious social issue which involves very large numbers of heterogeneous agents in the hostile environment. The intention of the RoboCupRescue project is to promote research and development in this socially significant domain at various levels involving multi-agent team work coordination, physical robotic agents for search and rescue, information infrastructures, personal digital assistants, a standard simulator and decision support systems, evaluation benchmarks for rescue strategies and robotic systems that are all integrated into a comprehensive systems in future. Robolit has been serving as an organizing committee member in RoboCupRescue league events since 2012.