Hotel Operating System (hOS)

Hotel Operating System (hOS) is a integrated resource management system for the hospitality industry unlike any contemporary systems.

Driven by Artificial Intelligence

In its core hOS is powered by a family of artificial intelligence (AI) agents each assigned a particular aspect of the hotel. Different from classical hotel management software that primarily focus on rudimental booking and financial tracking tasks, hOS employs a family of sensory mechanisms (automatic and manually entered) to collect a rich set of data capturing the state of the operations in all aspects, and uses this data to produce actionable decisions and recommendations.

Automated Employee Management

Interfacing directly with the employees of the hotel hOS relays operational warning, requests and recommendations directly and without any delay. Significantly reducing the work load on the middle management, hOS offers significant efficiency improvement and cost reduction.An

Unrelenting Guardian Angel

By its nature hOS is also a keen observer. Continuously processing incoming data streams from internal and external sources hOS captures the state of the hotel at great temporal and spatial resolution allowing problems to be attended rapidly and effectively before they cause losses.

Hotel Operating System (hOS) is being developed and field tested in partnership with Drita Hotel Resort & Spa, a 5-star sea side resort hotel in Alanya, Turkey