Electricity Generating Backpack

Electric Generating Backpack by Lightning Packs LLC, code named Load Carrying System (“LCS”), is a unique backpack design that reduces mechanical stress on the wearer and produce electric energy. Providing wearable renewable electric energy and ergonomic advantages reducing wear and tear on the body LCS offers significant value in a wide range of application scenarios from disaster relief to military to hiking.

Robolit served as a technology development consultant in the early LCS development. We designed and implemented embedded data collection systems for the LCS that was used in experimentation. Assessible via ethernet this microcontroller based data collection system logs instantaneous generator output voltage and current saving in a FLASH memory.

Robolit developed numerous prototypes and experimental tools for the LCS development effort. We also assisted with the analysis of the data collected from tests. Some noteworthy prototypes are displayed here. Our designs showcase our holistic services including mechanical design, electrical design, embedded software development and off-line analysis.