Monthly Archive:September 2012


SSRR Summer School 2012 is Completed!

The SSRR Summer School 2012 event is concluded. We had a great week full of technical presentations, hands-on practicals, tests at the recently established Alanya Robot Test Facility and lots of social events. Our event has been featured on various newspapers and TV channels.


Alanya Robot Test Facility is established

In partnership with Drita Hotel Resort and Spa and technical support by NIST, Robolit has established the Alanya Robot Test Facility. The facility is certified by NIST and compliant with the DHS-NIST-ASTM robot test standards. The site will be used at the upcoming SSRR Summer School 2012 workshop and will be available to robotic researchers there after.


SSRR Summer School 2012 Starts!

SSRR Summer School 2012 has started with the attendance of 69 researchers from 16 countries and 32 groups at the Drita Hotel Resort and Spa. Detailed information about the venue and the program can be found at the official event site. We thank our financial and technical sponsors for making this event happen.