Monthly Archive:November 2014


Robolit will be at IAAPA

Robolit will be attending International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions Expo 2014 in Orlando, FL. IAAPA represents over 4300 amusement industry members, located in over 97 countries worldwide spanning fields such as Amusement Parks, Theme Parks, Family Entertainment Centers (FEC’s), Arcades, Museums, Water parks, Aquariums, Science Centers, Zoos, Resorts and Casinos, along with many leading industry Equipment Manufacturers, Distributors and Operators, and various industry Suppliers and Service Providers.

At this event Robolit will be investigating opportunities and strategic partnerships for robotic technologies and know-how gathered in our core competency field of search and rescue robotics. We strongly believe that deeply interactive and physical theme park systems can be brought to life employing sensing and actuation capabilities developed in the US&R robotics field.


San Diego regional training exercise conducted

San Diego bomb squads asked for a robot training facility to be set up at a local Fire department training base with the purpose of training bomb technicians to become better robot operators. The design and implementation of the test facility was done by NIST in collaboration with Robolit LLC. The Facility was set up on 11/10/14 and used throughout the following week.

Robolit LLC assisted in the training exercises through administering and recording tests performed for data collection. During the time of the event multiple local bomb squads were introduced to and practiced on the test apparatuses built and shipped by Tyndall Air Force Base.

The facility is to be used actively by both new and experienced bomb technicians. They were trained on how to administer their own tests so that the facility can continue to operate without the assistance of NIST or Robolit LLC.