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Robolit Presents at ToRK2018

Robolit is invited to present at the ToRK 2018 conference to be held at Bogazici University from April 12-14. The talk, which was featured as the opening talk on the last day of the conference, covers standard test methods for robotic systems. Chiefly driven by our work as part of the ASTM-NIST-DHS Standard Test Methods for Response Robots we explain how standardization can foster a richer R&D ecosystem and greatly improve efficiency for the customers of such robotic systems.



Robot Procurement Tests for $37 million in Purchases

Robolit assisted in the administration of two large procurement testing events. Several robots came to NIST HQ, Gaithersburg to run through over 30 standard or developmental tests and have data recorded based on their performance. The data collected from these events was used to make a decision worth millions of dollars in purchases.

The first procurement was done for the Air Force and was worth $25 million. This event was held on various weeks within May, June and July where it featured small response robots such as the MTGR, Dragon Runner DR10, Firstlook 110, and the Packbot 310. The Air Force considered the data collected on each of these robots and decided to purchases several units of the MTGR. Utilizing the data collected on those four robots with the addition of data collected on the Caliber mini from ICOR another $2 million purchase was made. The winner of this procurement is not yet public news and cannot be revealed at this time.

The second procurement was for the Metrotech Bomb squads and featured four robots within the middle and heavy weight classes. This procurement was for $10 million. The robots that were tested were the Caliber T5, MK4, Telemax, and the Andros FX. The data was only recently collected and has not been submitted to the Bomb Squad yet.

In summary Robolit administered and prepared robot testing for $37 million in purchases.


Koblenz Robot Test Facility is updated

Following RoboCup German Open, Robolit and NIST updated the robot testing facility in Koblenz Germany with the latest version of a “training set” designed to help robot operators score and practice against themselves to improve performance. While we recorded the scores of an expert operator to compare against operators in training.


NIST test visit is conducted

Robolit supported NIST efforts in its recent testing of a new response robot for the New York Fire Department and helped to bring together a group of responders from around the US to observe and participate in the event. Apart from yielding data as part of acceptance testing, this test also marked the first time that the DHS-NIST-ASTM International Standard Test Methods for Response Robots had been used for procurement of a robot for a US fire department.


NIST Robot Test Facility opens

Long awaited robot test facility at the NIST headquarters is open for business. This 1524 square meter site is equipped with an extensive set of test modules including mobility, manipulation, human-robot interaction, sensing, power/endurance. We are looking forward to using the capabilities made available at this site in our project with NIST.


Alanya Robot Test Facility is established

In partnership with Drita Hotel Resort and Spa and technical support by NIST, Robolit has established the Alanya Robot Test Facility. The facility is certified by NIST and compliant with the DHS-NIST-ASTM robot test standards. The site will be used at the upcoming SSRR Summer School 2012 workshop and will be available to robotic researchers there after.


Robolit is awarded a 1-year grant by NIST

Robolit has received a 1-year grant from NIST (National Institute for Standards and Technology)to develop performance metrics for the qualitative evaluation of mobile robot manipulators for inspection, grasping and precision placement.