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RRSS 2014 workshop in Perth, AU has started

IEEE Rescue Robotics Summer School Workshop 2014 has started in Curtin University. Co-organized by Robolit and Curtin University and supported by IEEE-RAS, NIST and RoboCup Rescue League, RRSS’14 continues the tradition of offering a week long hacking and exchange environment among researchers, corporations and first responders. In this year’s event we host local K-12 educators to introduce them to discuss and develop ways in which concepts from rescue robotics can be used in education. Our brand new RoboCup Confined Space 3-D Printed Robot League will also be demonstrated at the event.


US Science and Technology Festival is completed.

As part of the NIST team Robolit participated the US Science and Technology Festival held in Washington, DC from April 26-28. This wonderful event aims to improve the science, engineering and technology education (STEM) in K-12 system. There was a huge attendance including defense contractors, government institutions, universities, high school, small businesses, and more. Various key technologies that will pave the way towards a more flexible educational infrastructure were represented. The most noteworthy presentations were by the 3D printer companies.

With the NIST team we dabuted the mini-arena (a.k.a. confined space tests)—a small scale version of standard test methods developed in the ASTM E54.08 Subcommittee. This setup combined with our group’s recent work on 3D printable robot kit we believe the mini-arena will establish an exciting new experimentation and learning environment for young roboticists with direct association with the RoboCup Rescue League and the NIST Standard Test Methods work.