Automated Herd Control System (AHCS)

The AHCS is an investigative work in the uncharted territory of biology/machine interfacing. There is very limited information on cattle movement behavioral decision process. It is even less understood how to establish the most effective interface between artificial systems and animals themselves. This in turn requires a heavy experimental discovery process.

Automated Herd Control System (AHCS) is a novel integrated solution for live stock management under development. As part of the overarching Connected Farm concept, AHCS aims to fundamentally change farm management, increasing profitability and allows for more humane animal husbandry. Robolit serves as a technology development consultant engaged in the hardware, software and algorithm development facets of the work.

A cattle with an experimental data collection and stimulation collar during an early field test. The experimental system is designed to facilitate flexibility and extensibility in the discovery process. The final product has a form factor that fits into the existing ranch pipeline.

Novel Behavior Control Through Artificial Intelligence

AHCS provides stereotypical tracking services that is also available in other contemporary products: 1) geographical tracking; and 2) health monitoring. What makes AHCS unique is its ability to produce desirable herd movement behavior. Through the use of sophisticated artificial intelligence methodologies driving strategically activated stimulation mechanisms the system leads herds of live stock to displace along planned trajectories and remain within specified areas.

Robolit serves as a technology development partner in the Vence Project providing implementation oriented electrical and mechanical design as well as algorithm development.

Increased Productivity by Optimizing Grazing

Utilization of this system will provide optimal grazing behavior which will not only protect and even improve the flora in a ranch but also will improve the health or animals and increase the plant-to-protein conversion rate. Previously expensive and time consuming certain grazing techniques necessary for organic farming systems will become easily implementable within the AHCS managed farms.

Animal Monitoring

Robolit’s role in the Vence Project is not limited to the implementation engineering. We also provide data analysis and analytic concept development services. This picture is from a numerical simulation we developed for numerical experimentation of virtual fence enforcement algorithms.

In most cattle ranches animals roam the pasture without human intervention for weeks and sometimes months at a time. During such periods there are various risks that threaten the health of animals and ultimately ranch productivity. AHCS system provides continuous location and health monitoring functionalities. Key health indicators streamed continuously from the herd and its off-line analysis give rise to markers signaling potential issues such as animal in medical distress, or theft.

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